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My Self Care

Self Care can mean a number of different things and look differently for everyone. Often times people think self care has to be a bath or yoga or sitting and chanting “ooohhhmmm” (haha).  However, to me self care means honoring my body and my spirit with things that feed and nourish it and sadly for me Yoga is not self care because I don’t enjoy it (I know, I know guys don’t hate me but I’ve tried and just can’t get into it).

Some of my favorite self care activities are: cooking and creating a beautiful meal for others, spending time with friends over good coffee, getting a massage, and recently I’ve found a love for kickboxing! Getting my sweat on at the kickboxing gym is an amazing motivator & release for any pent-up stress. It took me a while, but I finally found an exercise routine that I enjoy and really works for me. I’ve found for me that I feel at my best when I honor my body with a consistent workout and this for me is it!

What does self care mean to you and how are you honoring your body and spirit with consistent self care activities?

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My Self Care

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