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“I ask that God gives you ‘the courage to do what you need to do, the wisdom to know what to do and the perseverance to carry it out” – Mom

This necklace was my grandmother’s… we thought we lost it for years after she passed away. It mysteriously turned up a few weeks before I graduated college, so my mom surprised me with it along with this note at my graduation. To me, this gift represents the legacy of my grandmother and the irreplaceable bond my mom and I share.

I’ve carried this prayer with me in all that I do. My mother has taught me to be courageous and bold in pursuing my dreams. She has encouraged me to seek wisdom and guidance when I didn’t know what to do and never be afraid to ask for support. Most of all she has passed down the legacy of strength and perseverance to me which has helped me during the toughest of times. I am so thankful for for all of these gifts that have helped me to develop into the woman that I am today and will grow to be.

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