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Vision Caster: Someone who dares to dream
big ideas and pursue them for passion or profit.

Vision Caster: Someone who dares to dream big ideas and pursue them for passion or profit.

Hone your ideas into a clear vision for success

Curious About Vision Caster

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The Vision Caster Program is designed for female entrepreneurs who are ready to focus their ideas and make their dreams a reality. Through purposeful mindfulness and strategy coaching, you can cultivate your dream and execute it. We know YOU have a passion for the vision burning deep within your heart, you just need the clarity, strategy and support to execute it!


We’re Bridget and Joanne Nistico, a mother-daughter duo of entrepreneurs who have learned from experience how to create successful business ventures. And now we want to coach you, an entrepreneur on the brink of success, to do the same.

Is this program for you?

Vision Casters often get stuck and just need a little help along the way. This program is for you if you can identify with any of the below.

Imposter Syndrome

If you’re dealing with self doubt and fear of failure. The unfamiliar is scary because you’ve never fully pursued your vision.


If you overthink ideas, which then results in never pursuing your vision because you can’t make up your mind. Your Inability to make a decision leads to seemingly endless procrastination.


If you’re easily distracted with new ideas and plans, jumping from one thing to another and not focusing in on the vision that is truly right for you. You’re always looking for the next best thing.


If you’ve been too focused on watching videos, doing research and investing in programs to actually take action and get results. You haven’t actually been able to implement a process that works in harmony with your vision.

The Vision Caster Process

Does one of those descriptions sound like you? If so, the Vision Caster Program is just what you need.

The Vision Caster Program consists of four weekly of workshops focused on casting, cultivating and creating through mindfulness and strategy.

Casting lays the foundation. The goal is to get all of your dreams out — big and small
Cultivating is about planting, watering, and tending to your ideas.You’ll figure out what stands out and how you can hone your focus.
Creating focuses on tackling your goals and discovering that you can make your visions a reality.

These three principles, along with hard work and a community of other female entrepreneurs surrounding you, will carry you through this empowering and motivating process. So join us!

Vision Caster Program Overview

Here’s what you get

  • Access to a private Facebook group for community and support
  • A writing prompt to open the process
  • A mindful meditation session
  • A mindful meditation guideline for reference
  • Three branded vision caster templates to support strategy and execution
  • In the midst of these steps, you’ll find community with other women entrepreneurs who will support and encourage you during these four weeks and beyond.

You’ll graduate the program feeling empowered and able to bring your ideas to fruition.

Here’s what you give

  • You’re ready to stop thinking and start acting
  • 100% committed to the Vision Caster process and your own success
  • An open mind and an open heart
  • Willingness to lean in to give and receive support

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So are you ready to start vision casting?

We’d be lying if we said it was all easy, but if you’re ready to buckle down and put in the work, we would be thrilled to help you reach your goals. You just need to be 100 percent committed to staying on track and pushing yourself
to success, and we’ll be right there alongside you.

The Vision Caster Program will give you a sense of purpose and the freedom to pursue a lifestyle
you previously only imagined.

The Vision Caster Program launches soon, and lasts four weeks, with a session each Monday at 7 p.m. We’ll be LIVE in a Zoom video hangout to coach you through this life-changing, business-boosting,
vision-casting process.

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